Network Books

  ittech247 09:47 31 Mar 06

Anyone know of any good books to read up on networking at all, newbie to advanced? Cheers:-)

  dms05 12:34 31 Mar 06

I asked the identical suggest a week or two ago and got no response other than 'Use Google'.

  ittech247 10:00 01 Apr 06

Shows what a real caring bunch people are round here, they want help but dont want to give any thing back!

  ade.h 17:57 01 Apr 06

That's not a very good attitude to take; some of us bend over backwards going out of our way to help around here.

The reason for your lack of responses is that most of us probably do not tend to read books about networking, but use the resources on the web instead. I have a large collection of books on various IT subjects, from XP to XML, but none at all on networking. Amazon has a large selection, many of which are probably very good, but I couldn't offer you any specific recommendations.

  ittech247 14:59 02 Apr 06

Sorry i don't have an attitude and i do realise that some forum users do help a lot, so sorry if thats what you viewed my comments on:-)

I was always taught to look at the resources to hand, all i wondered was if anyone had a specific book or site that was good for learning the basics of networking, but i may just go back to basics and do a google search.

  ade.h 15:13 02 Apr 06

I'm still in the process of building up a bookmarks list of good networking sites. It's a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

If I come across any good books on the subject, I'll probably post a recommendation in this part of the forum anyway.

  rsinbad 18:44 02 Apr 06
  ade.h 19:30 02 Apr 06

Re that page; it doesn't bode well when, under the heading "keep up to date", there is a book about 11b!

  recap 09:28 03 Apr 06

This all depends on which aspect of networking you are interested in ittech247?

click here for most networking books, I have bought a few books from them. I have found the Sybex published books for Windows 2000/03 Server are good. They are technical but don't tend to be too heavy, they make networking easy to understand.

  ittech247 10:12 05 Apr 06

Well i have something to work at, thanks:-)

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