Network AOL

  Bob The Nob© 20:16 09 Jul 06

I would like to network my two home computers via a wireless adsl modem/router. I would likle both computers to be able to get my AOL internet connection too.

I have AOL broadband Silver and the site says it doen't allow home networking with this package. Is it possible to use the same connection and through a wireless modem.

Where are the settings to connect to AOL??

Thanks BTN

  ade.h 20:40 09 Jul 06

"...the site says it doen't allow home networking with this package"

Ignore that tosh. AOHell might not provide phone support for networking with that package, but that won't stop you using it thus.

There are one or two things to bear in mind re AOL connection settings and the use - or otherwise - of the AOL browser and login system. An AOL user will be able to advise you of best practice.

  Josie2805 22:28 09 Jul 06
  FUl2tiV3 15:47 10 Jul 06

aol silver now with added wireless support click here
is it just me or does that page fail to render correctly in firefox?

  andywev 13:22 26 Aug 06
  ade.h 13:58 26 Aug 06

That's not quite the best thing to do; you shouldn't publicly provide your email address on a forum. Besides that, it would be much better for you to start your own thread rather than hijack someone else's. Take the time to read the forum guidelines, which advise you about how to make best use of the forum.

  podgetheelder 21:38 26 Aug 06

I have installed after much swearing AOL to a wireless ADSL router, can anyone assist me in setting up the adaptor which is the same make as the router. As get a message stating.
Status: is limited or no connection code this be because the device is for a USB 2.0 and the computer its connected to the USB is version 1.0?

  ade.h 21:43 26 Aug 06

Please take note of my last post.

  podgetheelder 21:44 26 Aug 06

Sorry being a bit of a wally started a new forum question therefore please ignore the last post...the only comment I would state is am I the only one who gets frustrated over the lack of help from AOL over issues such as this.

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