Network always online?

  stubbsylufc 21:16 15 Jan 08

Hi all, hope you can help me! I've got a wireless network set up, however my ISP is AOL (yes, i know, should have got rid of it months ago). Anyway, i've set up a network between my laptop and home computer in order to share files and printer between the two, however it won't allow me to connect to this unless the home computer is online.

I'm not sure whether this is normal or not, and just wondered if there was a way that my internet connection (and therefore the network) could always be online to stop the annoying task of having to switch the computer on when i need to share or print something.


  STREETWORK 21:18 15 Jan 08

Tis normal, look at it as when the PC is off the door is closed and locked, when its on then you can open the door and see inside...

  stubbsylufc 21:19 15 Jan 08

Thanks mate, there is no way round this other than leaving it on constantly then? :D

  Strawballs 22:19 15 Jan 08

You could get a router then either could go online without the other being on and still access each other when both on.

  Strawballs 22:22 15 Jan 08

click here For AOL any one of these will do to replace your modem, then if you wished your laptop could go wireless if you wished to use it anywhere in the house or garden.

  stubbsylufc 22:37 15 Jan 08

thanks, i already have a router with a wireless network card in my laptop. I was just wondering if it was possible to access files from another whilst it is switched off, but i'm guessing not.

  Strawballs 22:19 16 Jan 08

Not while it is switched off no.

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