A+ and Network+

  ellie82 24 Apr 08

Hi Anyone been on the A+ or Network+ courses? any feedback?

Could anyone recommend a good classroom based company that provides these courses. I am based in northamptonshire.


  Groundhog32 25 Apr 08


I have just passed my A+ with Computeach. I've found them to be very professional, helpful and competent. Their students' pass rate for A+ is about 92% and their tutors are superb. I chose them after speaking to a few alternative online learning suppliers, who may offer cheaper rates but don't provide the same level of service. One company even told me I wasted my money by choosing Computeach over them - talk about sore losers and lack of professionalism!

Computeach have been in the business for over 25 years (I believe), are an accredited Microsoft, Cisco, etc partner and offer their own career counselling and placement programmes (this is for life, when you sign up with them).

Sorry if I sound like a Computeach salesman, I'm not!, but they come highly recommended from many independent sources. Good luck with your future IT career!

  ellie82 25 Apr 08


Thanks for that. Was it online based?

Did you go into it with any IT knowledge and is it hard to pass? I mean, do you really have to work hard? Im not work shy, just wanted to get an idea of the amount of effort and study time I will need to put in.


  recap 27 Apr 08

click here it may help you decide if you want to go with computeach

  Groundhog32 29 Apr 08

Hi Ellie,

Yes, it is online based with textbooks and online learning programmes.
No doubt it helps to be self-motivated, work hard and do some internet-based research (generally look no further than Wikipedia). If you really want it, you will make it work.

You may consider doing classroom-based studies at your local college - A+ and MCSA courses are fairly common.
The upside is that it will probably be cheaper.

The main downside to this is that it's very structured and you must attend classes at the behest of the college, whereas with online learning you proceed at your own pace. Additionally, placement support and career guidance, etc. may be very limited or non-existent at your college of choice.

I had very little experience with computers before starting the course. Therefore, I would suggest starting with a fairly simple course such as IC3 or ECDL and with little financial outlay you can determine if computer study is really what you want and whether or not online study is for you.

All the best,


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