Network 2 PCs with broadband cable

  Scarlet 14:01 17 Jan 03
  Scarlet 14:01 17 Jan 03

I am having difficulty networking 2 PCs running XP. I have connected the PCs using ethernet cards and cable. I have a cable broadband connection I wish to share. XP network connection wizard says it cannot complete due to an error. (Unspecified). When I go into network connections and click on "Repair this connection", it says "The following steps of the repair operation failed: Renewing the IP address".

Has anyone out there successfully completed the above connection?

  jazzypop 14:08 17 Jan 03

1. have you completely removed all firewalls first, before running the Wizard?

2. Do you have the latest drivers for your network cards?

3. Are you using a crossover Ethernet cable to connect the PCs?

You might find these sites helpful to double-check your setup...

For UK Cable networking, click here and click here and click here

For general networking advice, try click here and click here

Finally, check carefully when running the Network Wizard that XP is trying to use the proper device - it occasionally gets confused and tries to use a Firewire port or your modem, instead of the network card

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