alan227 20:42 06 Mar 04

Hi, I have 2 computers networked through a D-Link router, I can access the intanet on both but cannot get them to see each other even though I followed the set up instructions to the letter. Both are running XP home.

  alan227 22:43 06 Mar 04


  LastChip 22:47 06 Mar 04

What setup instructions are you referring to?

  Strawballs 22:48 06 Mar 04

Have you checked the network management in the add remove windows components which is in the add remove software through the control panel

  alan227 22:49 06 Mar 04

The set up instructions that came with the router

  LastChip 22:59 06 Mar 04

So you have setup the Router, but never setup the network?

The easiest way is to use the Network Wizard in XP to setup the network.

Keep in mind, both machines must be on the same Workgroup (name it what you like), but each machine must have a unique name. XP should do the rest for you.

Come back if you have specific questions please.

  alan227 23:17 06 Mar 04

Have tried the network wizard and no luck.
This is my first attempt at a network so I have no idea what to do now.

  LastChip 23:27 06 Mar 04

Please explain what happened when you attempted to setup the network with the Wizard.

  alan227 11:23 07 Mar 04

It asked me for a name for each computer and a workgroup then I think it was just a case of clicking next till i reached finish and then a reboot.
Can it be configured manually? if so is their a site with simple instructions to follow.
Regards Alan

  LeadingMNMs 11:27 07 Mar 04

Make sure that all firewalls are disabled for now. You could also try a ping command. Open a command prompt and type "ping computername" where the computer name is the name you set. Does it respond or does it time out ?

  alan227 11:45 07 Mar 04

The ping responded 4 packets sent 4 packets received 0% loss.

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