netsvc in services list

  Press Man 01:33 29 Jan 07

hi guys,
When looking thru the services list i noticed "netsvc" it has no description? is this normal or is it something "nasty"? if so how can I remove it? Thanks in advance.

  Widow's Son 02:21 29 Jan 07

But you've got a virus problem


This is according to Sysinfo click here

You need to do an up to date virus check (ideally with restore turned off)

  Press Man 17:13 29 Jan 07

I have scanned with Kaspersky AV, Spysweeper, adaware A2 etc and nothing has turned up. Will doing an AV scan with restore turned off and in safe mode find it? If not is there any other way of removing it or is it a reinstall.

  Press Man 08:42 30 Jan 07

help please!!!!

  PaulB2005 09:20 30 Jan 07

Please check the EXACT spelling.....

NETSVC.exe can also be a valid Windows Service... See click here

  Press Man 11:45 30 Jan 07

In the services list all it decribes is netsvc no explination of what it is only that a file is missing?

  PaulB2005 12:01 30 Jan 07

The service is listed but the file it runs is missing. If it's malicious it can't do anything now.

Have you removed any viruses recently?

  Press Man 12:07 30 Jan 07

No, I have not removed any viruses at all. Kaspersky AV has not detected any either? I have disabled this service. Also I have searched for netsvc and netsvc.exe but found nothing? Is there a way of removing netsvc from the list? What else can I do to be sure that it is not a threat, apart from a re-install?

  PaulB2005 12:10 30 Jan 07

Just leave it. It says itself the file is missing.

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