Netowrk XP and Win 95

  Allan-263226 11:07 24 Apr 03

Hi guys,

I am wanting to network two PCs together to share my BB connection so my other half can do Uni work whilst I work from home. What equipment would I need to set thos up? and also is this possible as i know Win 95 is not supported anymore.

I have Win XP Home, 60GB HDD, 512DDR, P4.
The other has Win 95, 10GB HDD, 128 (some old memory) and Celeron (266mhz I think).

The BB connection is set up through the Set top box in my bedroom and the other PC is set up downstairs.

  mcullum_DX4Life 11:43 24 Apr 03

Windows 95 and 98FE do not have ICS so im not enbtirely sure it will be possible to share your internet connetion.

If there is a way, it may be more complicated then ICS.

Hopefully other PCA users will be able to advice you better ;-)

  Allan-263226 12:56 24 Apr 03

Thanx for your advice, does anybody else have any ideas?

  Allan-263226 14:26 24 Apr 03


  Legolas 16:03 24 Apr 03

Have a look here click here

  Legolas 16:13 24 Apr 03

I think you might need some software to connect the two this is one I

  Legolas 16:16 24 Apr 03

Sorry pressed the wrong key

I think you might need some software to connect the two this is one"AnalogX"
I read about and it was recommended in another site I visited
click here

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