Netoworking...what does it share?

  Fateful Shadow 21:33 12 Jun 03

I know that if I were to network a PC to a laptop I would be able to share files, internet connection and hardware (e.g. printer).
My dad wants to know if the processor power is shared. I have no idea!!!

  VoG® 21:35 12 Jun 03


  Despicable Desperado 22:33 12 Jun 03

Not true - if you have the know how you can utilise the power of both units to create a supercomputer (I kid you not!!!!). There are Universities around the world that utilise the processing power of hundreds of old 386 computers to create these monsters. What they do with them I know not but it is done.

  VoG® 22:36 12 Jun 03

Not with a home network, in your dreams I'm afraid.

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