netobjects., weather and shunting down!

  mco 16:35 06 Nov 05

I took a shine to grumpyoldgit's weatherOnline thingie on his pond site,(click here) so I copied it into the html source of the site I am currently building. I put it underneath the navigation bar in what I assumed was the master border area - but when I previewed it,although it came up where I wanted it, in so doing, it had shunted further down the page the intro text and girls photo(the main layout) I haven't therefore uploaded the weather box, but is there anyone who might have an idea why this could have happened and I how can have the weather where I want AND the main layout still the same?
click here

  Forum Editor 19:20 06 Nov 05

with your table, but without seeing the link it's not possible to be very helpful.

Why don't you try placing the link in a separate table cell? That should help matters somewhat.

  De Marcus™ 19:50 06 Nov 05
  mco 20:05 06 Nov 05

(DeMarcus; that's the one I'd put on) As you can see, it's made a big space in the middle because the text photo and map have been pushed down the page. I tried adding a table and inserting it like that - but that rearranged my main layout, pushed it all together. As it is now, the layout of text, photo and map is how I'd intended - just too far down the page! How can I shove it back up and keep the weather where it is?

  mco 20:05 06 Nov 05
  mco 20:06 06 Nov 05

it's messed up the layout of other completed pages too..

  mco 06:43 07 Nov 05

Had to take it off after all, as I'm using it this morning. Never mind; it'll only be raining anyway!

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