Netobjects Fusion 9 Importing website assets prob.

  alittleoldlady 17:14 16 Apr 08

Downloaded my homepage to my harddrive. When I tried to import it into NOF I got this message „Some assets were not found during the import. Double-click on the file assets in the assets view and locate them manually to upload them.“
My homepage was originally designed with the same programme NOF 9 but I have since formatted my computer. Is there any way to import the homepage so it looks like the originasl and I can update it.
I thank you for any help.

  alittleoldlady 19:30 16 Apr 08

Using an FTP programme I downloaded everything that tthe FTP showed.
Index.html file plus around 4 folders I think.
Also tried importing the remote site directly using NOF 9 but I kept getting a "connect to server" problem???

  alittleoldlady 20:43 16 Apr 08

"Instead of downloading the 'page' and then importing it into NOF9 why not import the remote site directly into NOF9? That way NOF will take care of organising the files."
Regarding this point is it theoretically possible to import my "remote" homepage from the web and open it up in NOF 9 to appear just like I originally designed it.
B.T.W. the homepage in question is

  Pesala 21:11 29 Apr 08

From the File menu, select New Site, From existing website.

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