netobjects fusion 8

  jolorna 13:38 10 May 06

site navigation buttons,ie:- photo galleries instead of them expanding the vertical list, how can i make them come out to the side and then drop down to create a new navigation list, hope this makes sense

  ade.h 15:55 10 May 06

No, I'm afraid it doesn't make much sense. Could you explain what you are trying to do?

  mco 16:50 10 May 06

do you mean fly out menus?

  jolorna 19:40 10 May 06

yes thats it fly out menus

  jolorna 21:58 10 May 06

yes it was fly out menus that i wanted have look it up in the pdf, think i have it, and im sure i will need more help, will close this thread and start another 1 under a new title when im ready, thanks

  mco 22:38 10 May 06

see you soon if you need more help!

  jolorna 11:14 11 May 06

i did ask FE to delete this thread, as he hasn't i will carry on, i have mangaged to get the fly out menu, but the next problem i have encountered is that i was hoping the 1st fly out to go horizontal to the main menu and then any other's, from the fly out drop down or up, with the possabilaty of a further fly outs off one of these.

  ade.h 15:36 11 May 06

Is the main part of the navbar horizontal or vertical?

click here and you'll see a test page that I have on a server right now as work in progress. It has navbars that work as you describe. Have a look at the source code if that helps you (I'll understand if it doesn't!) and I'll let you know what settings I used.

  Forum Editor 18:06 11 May 06

you seem to be getting help.

  jolorna 19:11 11 May 06

the main navigation bar is vertcal, the fly outs are horizontal, i have seen in your test page fly outs from fly outs, to go vertical after the first fly out.
FE can you remove the tick then please

  ade.h 20:43 11 May 06

To be honest, I don't use vertical navbars; I don't like them as much and the horizontal layout tends to suit my site designs better.

The settings for my navbar flyouts were:

Orientation: vertical
Open: slide bottom#
Offset: 0 (x) 0 (y)

Autoclose is on.

Hope that helps some.

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