NetObjectFusion and licence re. NOF tags

  keewaa 16:19 19 Apr 06

Hi. I'm using a free copy of NOF 8 on a recent mag (all I can say is WOW!) to design a web site for a business who will pay me for my time. NOF puts various reference to itself into the code and a tag on the web page itself (Built with NetObjectsFusion) and I'm just wondering if it is OK to remove these Tags and references or are they part of the licencing.

Or is there an easy option somewhere to tick so that tags don't appear. I'm sure there's no harm in leaving references in the code but the visual web tags aren't too desirable.

Also, apart from the getting started and user guide pdfs, are there any good forums / sites and books that are recommended. I've designed sites using html kit so am familiar with basic html so far but want to expand my web design knowledge as much as possible, for the moment within NOF.


  mco 16:50 19 Apr 06

By 'on the web page itself' do you mean the icon 'built with NetObjects fusion'? If so, I've removed mine on my site, and when I get round to altering the html I intend to remove the references in there also. I haven't seen anywhere that you are obliged to keep them in. They do have dedicated NOF forums, though to be honest, when I've tried them, there are very few people around to answer queries. You are much better off posting here where several people use various versions of NOF.

  Forum Editor 18:48 19 Apr 06

remove them, nobody's going to worry.

  ade.h 19:16 19 Apr 06

Tools > Options > HTML Options. Untick "include generator metatag".

  keewaa 21:55 19 Apr 06

yes mco, the icon, and as you say the html references. Thanks all.

  keewaa 10:07 20 Apr 06

Tried changing that setting ade.h, and it had no effect. Icon still there and references within html. I guess manual deletion is the only way.

  keewaa 10:25 20 Apr 06

I intend to read the manual but 1 other quick question.

Using the wizard sets up a design that only fills the left 3/4 of the screen, where is the setting to make it fill the screen for whoever is viewing it. It just doesn't look right, as if a display / pixel / size setting is wrong, and is there an auto setting to make it fit right in the browser / screen of whoever is viewing it, since it may look right to me but they would have different screen settings etc.

  keewaa 11:28 20 Apr 06

Sorry ignore that as I've started another post for it.

  mco 12:29 20 Apr 06

it would look beter if you were to centre it in the browser of whoever is viewing it? In which case, go to page view, then click on Layout, then Layout properties and then 'centre in browser'

  ade.h 14:52 20 Apr 06

That setting is specifically for the html, not the images. Everyone tends to delete the images unless they're using the NOF promotional link (you can earn money from that with the right site). It works for me.

  ade.h 14:53 20 Apr 06

The tag setting, that is. Not the promotional link deal, which I haven't tried.

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