Netmeeting and XP

  claluc 14:10 18 Sep 06

Is there a way to make Windows Netmeeting work with Win XP Home?
I have been told it doesn't work because of firewall issues, have tried to run it with firewalls off and protections down to minimum but didn't work either.
Program opens anl seems fine but then doesn't allow to make or answer calls.

  VoG II 14:16 18 Sep 06

It should work click here

  claluc 19:44 18 Sep 06

Have opened it that way, no setup program opens however, it goes directly into Netmeeting main screen.
No video setup is possible, all greyed out?
After I close it down there is no shortcut present anywhere, only way to open it again is through Run/conf.
Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall from startup CD? This a viable solution?

  claluc 12:57 24 Sep 06

N solution seems to be found so I clear the post.
Thanks anyway

  terryf 14:28 24 Sep 06

how did you do it (for the benefit of others who might have similar problem in future)

  johnnyrocker 15:11 24 Sep 06

he didnt.


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