Netmeeting and XP

  MikeJ101 21:46 06 Oct 03

Anyone got any ideas how to get netmeeting working with XP ?

  AdeJ 22:10 06 Oct 03

Start > run > CONF

or are you having a problem with it?

  MikeJ101 22:34 06 Oct 03

Sorry, I should have said how do I get it to work from XP machine across to a W98 machine

  AdeJ 22:40 06 Oct 03

I'm still missing something I think - I dial from an XP machine to a W98SE machine in New Zealand fairly regularly without any problem - what's the trouble?

  smegs 00:30 07 Oct 03

I'm on Xp & my m8's on 98se, I have never been able to call him in Netmeeting or MSN Messenger. Every time we want to talk, he has to invite me.

  MikeJ101 08:45 07 Oct 03

Same problem - if I try from the 98SE it never works and tells me that the call cannot be made - if my son tries from his XP it sometimes tries and then drops. We tried with all the firewalls turned off and it made no difference. If we try it from my W2K machine it works fine even though it may take a couple of tries. From that you would think it's my 98SE that's the problem but if I try and connect to another 98SE it works fine with webcam and audio. Strange?

  AdeJ 09:25 07 Oct 03

...the W98 PC has always called me. I'll have a play..

  AdeJ 09:30 07 Oct 03

What firewalls are you using - I seem to remember having to tweak the port settings on mine a while back but can't remember whether it was for file transfer or video.

Also are you using Windows Internet Connection Sharing - because that can throw up some problems..

  Agent Smith 09:37 07 Oct 03

I came on this morning to ask this very question. WP Home here and My cousin is using 98SE. Web cam works most of the time provided we invite on another. However we just cannot get the audio to work. Both microphones on and enabled, both using the same webcam [email protected] - [email protected] 100 (awful things, but he won two in a comp). Each time he invites me or I invite him we just get audio connection ended or similar message. Doesn't seem to matter who initiates the call either.

  Agent Smith 09:39 07 Oct 03

XP Home here.

  Agent Smith 09:49 07 Oct 03

I guess if we are trying to establish whether we have system compatibility issues or hardware setting problems it would be an idea to check if two of our XP computers can communicate and then if that's OK if someone here is running 98SE try that also. I'm not entirely sure of my cousin's ability as I seem to be fixing his PC on a very regular basis. E-mail me for my hotmail address. At this point I ought to say that I have never used netmeeting and only ever tried to communicate this way through MSN Messenger. Unsuccessfully.

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