netgeat DG834GT checking MTU settings

  daisy2bell 08:24 18 Feb 08

I have signed into my netgear DG834GT software, but cannot find where to check the MTU settings.
Any help apreciated please

  Coupon 08:50 18 Feb 08

Use this click here

  PalaeoBill 08:53 18 Feb 08

It will be in the Advanced section under WAN Setup.
Just a word of warning (sorry if I am teaching egg sucking) this value is normally fixed by your ISP and shouldn't be messed with so be careful.

  Stuartli 09:39 18 Feb 08

If it is set/configured manually, then it is not "normally fixed by your ISP" as some AOL/TalkTalk subscribers will testify.

  anchor 10:07 18 Feb 08

Dr TCP: how to use & faq`s

click here

  daisy2bell 10:14 18 Feb 08

Thanks guys.
It is aol I am using.
The problem is, a few months ago I had to get a new router as the old one had packed up. With the old router, the signal to the laptop was always excellent wherever I was in the house.
However with the new one ( same make and model)signal strength is low to good.
Hence the question about the MTU settings.
With the old router I had to set it manualy as it was too high and I was having problems.

  anchor 10:55 18 Feb 08

From the info on the FAQ link above, it appears that MTU settings have no effect on Wi-Fi signal strength.

  rdave13 11:04 18 Feb 08

Try changing the broadcasting channel. Log in to router and under wireless settings change the channel then click apply and log out. Had to change mine from 12 to 9. Find which is best for you.

  Stuartli 12:29 18 Feb 08

The MTU setting for AOL/TalkTalk is 1432. See:

click here

By the way, MTU settings will certainly have no effect on wi-fi signal strength.

  Stuartli 12:33 18 Feb 08

Just for interest, the MTU for my wired modem router (Safecom) is configured in the PPPoA connection Setup panel.

  PalaeoBill 15:22 18 Feb 08

I did use the word normally. Is it correct Bill day today or what?

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