netgear wireless adsl modem and ecription

  matt1234 12:25 10 Aug 04


i bought the dg834g wireless modem and wg511 network card for my laptop it all works when encripted is turned off but when i turn it on it will loose the connection why?


  matt1234 20:44 10 Aug 04


  johnsims 20:52 10 Aug 04

Have you got the same key installed on each machine?

  matt1234 20:56 10 Aug 04

i am a new too network so can you plz tell me how to set it up?

  johnsims 20:56 10 Aug 04

Should have been more specific. I assume you mean WEP encryption. When you turn it on it asks for a key or a word to generate a key. Have you got the same key set up on each machine? I have pretty much the same set up (wgr614 Router + wg511T card) and all is OK with encryption.

  matt1234 20:58 10 Aug 04

when i turn it on it just cant fined it when i put it on!

  johnsims 21:58 10 Aug 04

The netgear manual on the CD that comes with the equipment is pretty comprehensive and straightforward. If you can't achieve success by following the quick install guides - follow them word for word - then use the manual.

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