Netgear WGM124 Pre-N MIMO - user experiences?

  Rodders 09:56 24 Mar 06

I'm looking at this router and would like to know if anyone uses one or has done in the past. Any feedback regarding its performance is greatly appreciated.

My situation is that I want to place the router in an outbuilding which has NTL broadband supplied to it. I then have a PC next to it which will be wired in, then a PC inside the house which will connect wirelessly.

The walls between are: 1 internal wall, 5 metres of room, 1 external wall (brick), 3 metres of garden, 1 external wall (wooden) then 2 metres of room.

The external walls have windows which are roughly inline with the direct signal path.

See click here for more details on my situation, if you care!

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