Netgear WG511T Wireless PC Card

  winka 00:50 19 Jul 06

Sucessfully (well after a number of hours and with the help of a number of posts on this site) in setting up a wireless network with my AOL Thomson router.

Problem is, every time I reboot my laptop it doesn't recognise the wireless card and the Netgear Smart Wizard states "...wireless adapter not connected".

I therefore remove the card and re-insert and bingo - connected and wireless network continues.

Surely this can't be right????

  We5ty 09:26 19 Jul 06

Nope, it's not right!

Which operating system are you using, wouldn't be Win 98/ME by any chance?

  winka 09:34 19 Jul 06

Nope, Windows XP

  We5ty 12:13 20 Jul 06

Have you got SP2 installed and all further updates?

Could be a BIOS issue, but probably not worth the risk of an update for such a minor issue!

I'd check you have SP2 + further updates, uninstall then re-install the Wifi card software and see what happens then.

  ade.h 12:33 20 Jul 06

"Netgear Smart Wizard states ...wireless adapter not connected."

Run it without the software in that case. Nearly all PCMCIA Type II cards can work with only a driver.

click here I have posted a step-by-step how-to in a couple of threads recently.

  winka 14:18 20 Jul 06

I've read somewhere that there can be a conflict between Compaq (which I have) and Netgear.

So I've gone out and replaced it with a different brand (and cheaper)and everything working fine - thanks for the help guys

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