Netgear PCI Cards.

  Ted Bovis 22:27 10 Jul 07

I have recently purchased 2 Netgear FA311 PCI cards off Ebay, pulled from working machines. I have tried both in an empty PCI slot and each one causes the computer to lock up. It won`t even begin to load Windows. When I remove either card, the computer behaves normally again. Both these cards could be knackered, of course, but I have noticed that these cards have two gaps in the part that fits into the PCI slot whereas the slots on the computer only have one corresponding gap. Are they incompatible with my computer? Any advice gratefully received.

  brundle 22:52 10 Jul 07

Look fine according to this; click here

Seeing as PCI is an industry-wide standard it may be that the cards are no good, I hope you didn't pay much for them.

  Ted Bovis 23:00 10 Jul 07

I paid £5 for the two including postage. I expect they`re u/s so I`ll have to try another one.

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