netgear modemrouter DNG1000 problem help

  rickf 10 Feb 13

Hi My netgear 834G died so replaced it with theone above. Keeps failing to connect or once connected would drop connection after 15/30mins then would not connect. Also I now can't get into ebay to sign in and more often than not would not download the ebay home page. Some websites have no problems at all. Any suggestions welcome. Tearing my hair out.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Feb 13

This yours? DGN 1000

  rickf 10 Feb 13

Thanks for getting back. Yes that's the one. I have just revived my previous 834G and it's come alive and working but would still like to know why the DGN1000 was not working as it should. Will keep it as spare for the time being.

  rickf 10 Feb 13

Thanks for info

  rickf 13 Feb 13

Any ideas inxase I need to use it.

  Secret-Squirrel 14 Feb 13

"Keeps failing to connect or once connected would drop connection after 15/30mins then would not connect"

Is it your router's connection to the Internet that keeps dropping or is it the wireless connection to your computer that's the problem?

  rickf 15 Feb 13

It's the wireless connection with the DGN1000. AS siad I managed to revive the old 834G and it's working well. Can't understand what the prob is and very much like to know/learn more about it. The settings are correct1and my laptop is juat a year old, an acer 5552g running wins 7, amd quad core, 8g ram and the wireless adapter is Acer afinity 802 11b/g/n

  Secret-Squirrel 15 Feb 13

"It's the wireless connection with the DGN1000"

I had a feeling you were going to say that. Here's what you can do:

Login to your trusty DG834G, identify the wireless channel number that it's using and apply the same setting to the DGN1000. In case you don't know, the default address, username and password for both units is, admin and password respectively.

Having said all that I somehow doubt that'll fix things as the DGN1000 is a notoriously poor performer especially when it comes to its wireless connection - have a look at the Amazon reviews here and you'll soon see that the majority of purchasers gave it a one star rating. I've also had the misfortune to experience one these models first hand and I could never get the wireless to work reliably either.

If the channel-number change doesn't immediately makes things reliable then the best thing you can do is to return it ASAP and get a full refund.

  rickf 15 Feb 13

Thanks for the info


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