(a)Netgear DG834G versus DG834GT (b) USB v Card

  frager 19:59 17 Oct 05

I intend to buy a combined wireless ADSL Modem/Router to network one desktop and one laptop.
I will be connecting to the internet via Broadband.

1. What is the difference between Netgear DG834G and Netgear DG834GT?

2. I need to buy an adaptor for the laptop. Which is better: a USB adaptor or a wireless card?



  retep888 00:55 18 Oct 05

The main difference is speed, DG834GT supports 108Mbps while DG834G supports 54Mbps.

DG834GT click here

DG834G click here

Personally I'd prefer the wireless card because of the connection method, the card goes all the way into the laptop body mostly at the side while only the tip of the USB adaptor goes into the USB port.

Problem arises if the USB port situates at the back and you're surfing in bed with knees up. The adaptor will get in the way and get bent, this is personal experience, other people may think otherwise.


  frager 11:52 18 Oct 05

Thanks for those ideas.

Is there any difference in effectivness between a USB conncection and a card?


  mgmcc 13:15 18 Oct 05

<<< Is there any difference in effectivness between a USB conncection and a card? >>>

USB 1.1 supports a maximum data transfer speed of 12Mbps; USB 2.0 supports 480Mbps. Therefore, if an 802.11g WiFi adapter is connected by USB 1.1 it will be unable to operate at its nominal speed of 54Mbps. A PCMCIA card won't have this restriction and USB 2.0 is obviously OK.

This doesn't matter for the relatively slow speed (in networking terms) of broadband, but for file transfers between computers in a network it is significant.

  retep888 13:21 18 Oct 05

Personally I can't see any difference in effectiveness between these two devices as I have both of them.

I'd prefer the card because of the reason I stated in my post, but the USB adaptor does have the versatility of being able to be used on any type of computer with USB ports(preferably USB 2) while PCMCIA card can only be used with a laptop.

The choice is yours.

  frager 13:36 18 Oct 05

Thanks to retep888 and mgmcc. My USB port is 2.0 I will opt for the PCMCIA card.


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