Netgear DG834G v3 wired connection impossible

  LadyPenelope 15:12 27 Jan 08


Please be gentle, as I am French, female and no computer expert!

Until Friday, I was happily using my Netgear to connect to the Internet. I have a wired PC and a wireless laptop. Since yesterday, I can only connect via the wireless laptop, the wired PC keeps giving me the message "cannot find server" at every attempt to connect on the Web. No email either.

After 3 hours on the phone and 2 on online help with AOL (very good at giving completely contradictory information!)still the same problem. I have checked the router settings, which is telling me I am connected and I have disabled the McAfee and Windows firewalls. Nothing helps.

Does anyone have a good idea?


  LadyPenelope 15:53 27 Jan 08


click here

Ambra had the right answer!

Thanks a lot!!!!!

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