Netgear DG834G, ADSL2+ and set up probs

  hatrickj 18:06 15 May 10

I have a version 3 router with latest firmware.
I have upgraded to ADSL2+ with my ISP. Under the up to 8K regime my snync has been in the region of 6K with a commensurate IP profile.

Now under ADSL2+ the profile is set at 17K, but the router stubbornly reports my sync as before,

My ISP advised ne to restart the router and have reset it (pin in rear) but zilch result.

What could I be doing wrong?

I will be pleased to advice, as detailed as you can, how I may resolve this problem.


  100andthirty 18:59 15 May 10

I suspect that it'll settle down if you leave it alone for a couple of weeks.

  rdave13 20:34 15 May 10

As 100andthirty it will take time to adjust. Mine readjusts after every weekend! Penalty for not being LLU at exchange.
Use this as a fairly reliable BB speed tester; click here

Run the speed tester and you will get to know of speeds like 2 meg etc.
" 8K regime " means nothing.

  hatrickj 20:51 15 May 10

Speeds click here

In fact sync seems to be going down with all my fiddling to try and get it right today.

I hope you lads are right and that the training period to find ?the stable rate? for the BT profile does the trick.

  rdave13 21:02 15 May 10

5 meg not so bad initially for download. Upload seems not so good. Let the line stableize for a while.
Getting 5 meg on an up-to 8 meg line is rather excellent I think. Depending how far you are from exchange and quality of the line.
I get on average 2.9 meg and over a mile to the exchange.
Your ISP has an unbundled system in your BT exchange?

  hatrickj 08:15 16 May 10

No, PlusNet is owned by BT and so not unbundled.

I have found tha,t although PN profile is 17K, BT is still showing 5K, as it was before upgrade to ADSL2+

  hatrickj 14:21 16 May 10

Marg7 my exchange is definitely ADSL2+ enabled
"A bit of info on PlusNet ADSL2+ click here" from that I am getting error 404 page not found

  hatrickj 20:04 22 May 10

Sorry for delay. The results from several were variable with some higher than what I am getting,
Anyhow that line checker, Marg, seems to apply to ADSL1 and not ADSL2+

  I am Spartacus 00:19 23 May 10

Have you set the DSL Mode to Auto (Multi-mode) in the ADSL Settings screen?

  I am Spartacus 00:23 23 May 10

Forgot to add. Have you upgraded to the v4.01.40 firmware for the V3?

When my Exchange was upgraded yesterday my speed immediately increased from 6.8Mps to just over 12Mbs after a power off/on on the router.

  hatrickj 06:03 23 May 10

Set to ADSL2+ mode and version 4.01.40,

Is Auto better than ADSL2+ mode?

(Will be offline for a few days as visiting)

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