Netgear connectivity down?

  ric01 16:54 15 Mar 15


Today my router flashed 'internet' red - so I had no connectivity. Why please?

It's a Netgear DG834Gv5.

Could it be it needs to be reset?

Thanks :)

  ric01 16:55 15 Mar 15

ps. it's a 54 Mbps ADSL2

  rdave13 17:05 15 Mar 15

Switch it off for a minute then switch on again. See if it will reconnect after it boots up.

  john bunyan 18:03 15 Mar 15

I get occasional short disconnects with a Netgear router . I suspect it is the ISP doing maintenance, or something in the exchange or phone line, as the same happened with a previous Linksys router, and another. Seems to happen in mid to late evening (Talk Talk)

  john bunyan 18:05 15 Mar 15

PS I assume you run the "Netgear Genie" to reconnect?

  ric01 19:59 15 Mar 15

Thanks, no, I just did the switch off - wait - switch on again trick, but I had to do that several times, normally once is enough if the router has tied itself up in knots. Then afterwards it took about 20 minutes to get Google to load. Then everything settled back down to normal. Odd.

  john bunyan 21:13 15 Mar 15

I would use the Netgear Genie; it seems to work quite quickly.

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