Netgear ADSL wireless router modem - help!

  layers 12:14 09 Aug 07

Hi I have a Netgear ADSL combined wireless router modem. I am moving to a new house with DSL and i have a bog standard DSL modem. What i would like to know is whether it's possible to connect the DSL modem via the ethernet cable to my wireless modem/router and turn off the ADSL modem function to just using the router as a wireless action point to the DSL modem?

Hope this makes sense.


  layers 12:21 09 Aug 07

to clarify - have been running 2 computers successfully off a ADSL line broadband with the modem / router but am moving to a virgin media area and have their cable service. I know ADSL / DSL are different - but if i plug the DSL modem into the ADSL modem / router, can i turn off the modem function and just use the router to make my DSL internet wireless...

  mgmcc 12:59 09 Aug 07

You can use a Modem/Router as a simple Wireless Access Point or Network Switch by disabling its DHCP server and connecting only to its LAN ports.

If you do this *IT WILL NOT FUNCTION AS A ROUTER* to allow more than one computer to connect to the internet. To do that, you will require a proper "Cable/DSL" Router.

To be clear though, "Cable" is not "DSL". DSL is the generic description for Digital Subscriber Line broadband (via the phone line) which includes ADSL (Asymmetric) and SDSL (Symmetric). There are technical reasons why, in the UK, a Cable/DSL router cannot generally be used in conjunction with a separate Ethernet ADSL modem, whereas in the US it can.

  layers 13:01 09 Aug 07

Thanks very much for the reply - so what you're saying is i can use it for wireless but only for one computer?

Gutted. I have 2 computers plus a Wii. Anyone want to buy a ADSL modem router :)

Thanks for your help. Will leave thread unresolved for a couple of hours if anyone wants to chip in.

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