Netbus Trojan

  JohnC123 09:08 02 Feb 07

I did a scan of my laptop with TrojanHunter and it tells me that: "Port 12346/TCP is open (Matches Netbus 160)" and "Port 12346/TCP is open (Matches Netbus 170)" Can someone please tell me how to close the port and delete Netbus. I checked on Google and other places but so far have not found out how to close the ports.
Thanks in advance.

  birdface 09:29 02 Feb 07

Not a great help,But you might find something in here,click here

  PaulB2005 09:36 02 Feb 07

Scan with another Anti Virus and / or do an online check at click here.

Just because a port is open doesn't mean you are infected.

NetBus is very old trojan and easily detected.

  birdface 10:02 02 Feb 07

Not a great help,But you might find something in here,click here

  birdface 10:03 02 Feb 07

OOps sorry about the double posting.

  JohnC123 15:15 02 Feb 07

I've scanned this with every on line scanner I can find and still the only one that shows this port open is TrojanHunter. I don't know how to close the port, if anyone knows that please tell me.

  skidzy 15:43 02 Feb 07
  JohnC123 15:55 02 Feb 07

Thanks for trying Skidzy - I already did all these. The Netstat shows that the port is open and "listening" but I really need to know how to close it.

  PaulB2005 16:26 02 Feb 07

So one scanner out of many warns you you need to close this port and you feel this is correct?

First, how do you know you need to close this port? Port 123456 could be being used by many things other than NetBus. Closing it could create other problems. Just because TrojanHunter says "Matches NetBus 160" doesn't mean NetBus is on your PC.

Have you run a virus scan? Has ANYTHING actually CONFIRMED that NetBus is actually on your PC?

This is all a bit like seeing a strange footprint in your garden and concluding someone is hiding under your bed...

  JohnC123 16:33 02 Feb 07

Yes Paul, I've run loads of virus scans and trojan finders and the only one that indicates anything is TrojanHunter. I'm really just trying to play safe.

  PaulB2005 16:36 02 Feb 07

Sounds like you are wasting your time to be honest. TrojanHunter hasn't actually confirmed that NetBus is running - just that having Port 123456 open and listening looks like Netbus could, possibly, maybe responsible for the Port being open.

However a port scan doesn't really tell you a lot. Better to scan with many AV and KNOW NetBus is not running. NetBus is very old and very easily detected and removed.

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