Netbook screen brightness inoperative

  Ikarus 18:15 PM 02 Jan 13

I have a Samsung netbook running Win7 Home Premium and 2Gb of memory. The ability to adjust the brightness of the screen after upgrading from the starter edition worked for a while and then stopped. A completere-installation restored the function. Now it has stopped working again. The brightness indicator appears on the screen but cannot be adjusted. Equally going into settings does nothing - the slider moves but the brightnes does not change. Am i missing something or is this a known fault?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 PM 02 Jan 13

If its dimmed down by the "hardware buttons" then you may not be able to adjust beyond that level in software.

Can you adjust it using the buttons on the laptop usually Fn one of the function keys.

  Aitchbee 19:44 PM 02 Jan 13

Fruitbat's software advice might help.Right-click on the Desktop screen , then select Properties,...Settings, ...Advanced, Gamma / Brightness / Contrast. Then adjust brightness from there.{This trick works on 2 of my XP 'notebooks'}

  Ikarus 15:03 PM 15 Jan 13

Sorry for delay in responding. Fruit Bat - no, the Fn key plus another does not work. Aitchbee - tried your solution but the desk top menu does not include the "Properties" option on this netbook! I suspect that by using one of the "power options" provided might override the function of the hardware buttons. It looks as if I will have to live with it. Thanks for your replies.


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