Netbook Protection Software - advice needed

  nicky25 19 Apr 11

Hi there,

I have a new netbook and am keen to get the best protection on it I can, but as i am on a very limited budget - I'm a student - I wondered if anyone can recommend the best free downloads to help prevent all the 'nasties'. I'm not entirely computer literate so don't know what all the programmes I should have are. Antivirus, firewall, anti spyware/malware....any others? Suggestions of which free downloads are best, and what exactly I need to get would be much appreciated! :) Nicola

  onthelimit1 19 Apr 11

Anti virus - I'd go for Microsoft Security Essentials. It's a free download and doesn't hog the netbook's resources. Add to that Superantispyware. Again, a free version is available. Then for a scan every once in a while Malwarebytes - free!

  dms_05 19 Apr 11

Agree with MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) but I'd use it as your only on-line security software. Then use Malwarebytes occasionally to scan your netbook. That's what I do - MSE has never missed anything but it's better to be sure.

  woodchip 19 Apr 11

You Best Protection While its New is Create a Acronis Image to a USB Drive, it will take a long time as they are slow CPU's it took several Hours on my Samsung nc10 netbook, But I know its the best insurance you can have for a PC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Apr 11

Windows own firewall MSE MAlwarebytes and or SyuperAntispyware

All free

And some common sense about where and how you browse the web. :0)

  nicky25 21 Apr 11

Thank you everyone, downloaded suggested software. What is an acronis image and how do I go about doing that? Sorry, again, I am not very computer literate I am afriad!

Thanks again! Nicola

  woodchip 21 Apr 11

You Have to Buy Acronis Tue Image. This is Software that most PC users on this Forum use, New Version is 11 you can create a rescue CD after loading the Program to boot from, but it should boot direct from the Acronis CD, BIOS as to be set First for the above So that first boot Device is CD or DVD followed by Hard Drive.

After loading you Can start the Program choose Full Backup, not Incremental then Create a Image of the Main Partition that as the Operating System on it, normally C:\ This is the one that goes wrong when it will not start. The Idea being that even if the Hard Drive stopped working you can fit a new Hard Drive and Reload the Image. This would have to be on DVD or a External USB drive.

For more Help on using it come back and post a thread

  woodchip 21 Apr 11

Look Hear for your Operating System If 7 its the top two

link text

  woodchip 21 Apr 11

Sorry you need a External DVD drive to load it

  nicky25 23 Apr 11

Not got an external dvd drive :(

What is look hear?



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