Netbook or Laptop?

  yabeeb 15:37 PM 17 Nov 08


I need a laptop and don't know where to start. Too many models and too much info i don't understand?

I have a budget up to around £500 and just need it do some work on (maybe word, excel) but mainly playing - itunes, shopping, surfing.

I'd like wireless ideally and for it to be quite quick as i'm rather impatient...

I see Netbooks get good reviews. What's the main pros/cons of these compared with full-size laptops??

Advice welcome!

  ambra4 23:05 PM 17 Nov 08

It all depends if you can live with a small 7”- 12” screen on a Netbook or a 15”- 17”

screen on a laptop

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  ambra4 23:14 PM 17 Nov 08

Take a read as there are several factors to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash.

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Laptop vs Netbook

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  VOT Productions 18:45 PM 24 Dec 08

...a laptop

If you want portable computer 1 kg then for netbook


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