Netbook Memory Question

  ventanas 20 Oct 11

Am wanting to buy a new netbook, this time with Win7 Starter. They all seem to come with only 1Gb memory. Basically, is this enough bearing in mind a chunk will probably be taken up with the graphics?

If any doubt I will go for a laptop instead.

Grateful for any advice

  RussB78 20 Oct 11

I would advise you to go for a Laptop ventanas, I had a Netbook with Windows 7 Starter and I upgraded the Ram to 2GB and a Full Version of Windows 7, I just could not get used to all the scrolling and the Slowness of everything. I got rid of it.

But others on here will no doubt have different opinions about these things and will give you more advice, I do wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to buy.

  sunnystaines 20 Oct 11

i have a w7 samsung netbook 1g of ram. samsung support told me not to upgrade to 2gb as they had problems with many of them freezing up on 2g of ram.

they surf the net as fast as a desktop, but writing to disk at times [often] can be slow due to limited cpu & ram

  canarieslover 20 Oct 11

Netbooks are really only suitable for accessing the net and using lightweight programs. I have one that my offspring bought for me so that at least I would keep in touch whilst on holiday and that is virtually all I use it for. Great battery life, but that seems to be about the only good thing going for it. Providing battery life and light weight are not the primary reasons for choosing a netbook then, for not a great deal more money, go for a laptop which would be much more versatile.

  ventanas 21 Oct 11

Thanks for the advice, have decided to go for a laptop with 4Gb ram and dual core processor.

Should be a bit better than a netbook.


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