Netbook info

  rob3600 14:42 21 May 10

I am thinking about buying a Netbook but have a couple of questions that you guys maybe able to help with.

1. How much space goes AVG take up ( personally I don't like Norton or Kersperky)?

2. How easy is it to install software without a CD drive, I mean can I copy it to a memory stick and put it on that way, without having to buy an external CD drive?

3. Has AVG stopped supporting their free version?

  Chas49 15:01 21 May 10


1. 89.4 MB (At least it dows on mine!)

2. Data can be transferred easily, usually by USB Stick. Programs on DVD or CD reqire an external player.

3. Not to my knowledge - but make sure that you download the free version - it's all topo easy to get mixed up!

  Chas49 15:03 21 May 10

'dows' - should be 'does' (my eyesight!)

  Chas49 15:03 21 May 10

'dows' - should be 'does' (my eyesight!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 21 May 10

Use Avast instead of AVG takes up less resources.

An external DVD drive can be purchased quite cheaply nowadays, saw them at £20 at a computer fair the other week.

  Peter 16:16 21 May 10


I loaded Microsoft Ofice 2007 onto my Advent 4211 netbook by copying the Office CD to a folder on a USB flash drive and loading it from there. No problem.

I don't know if this would work for other programmes supplied on DVD/CD, but it did for MS Office 2007.


  retep888 16:28 21 May 10

You can install MSE from click here
,prefer it to AVG.

If you don't want to purchase an external USB DVD drive then you can network an optical drive in another networked PC and install your software like the netbook's own one.

  Chas49 17:27 21 May 10

I have just reinstalled Avast on my Desktop. MSE was causing problems, namely a frequent locking of the computer which needed a power off to cure it - I thought that this was impossible with Win 7 - it's OK again now.

I would go along with Fruit Bats suggestion.

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