Netbook Hard Drive?

  Simsy 07:55 23 Nov 10


I'm thinking of getting a used netbook for my son, who will be going travelling in the new year...

For the sake of getting it as clean as possible I may, if it's possible, remove the HDD and rteplace it with another one...

I have a simple question;

Are the HDDs in Netbooks the same as in "ordinary" laptops. That is mechanically speaking? I realise that some are solid state, but in general terms are they sata drives of the same mechanical fitting?

Thanks in advance,



  gengiscant 08:08 23 Nov 10

Don't have a netbook myself but a bit of reading to get you here

  Batch 08:14 23 Nov 10

You should check the spec. of any netbook you are considering. But in genereal they will be the same as modern laptop hard drives / solid state drives (i.e. 2.5" form factor SATA drives).

Have to say that the HDD in my Acer Aspire D250 netbook is very fast and see little justification in replacing it with SSD.

  Simsy 09:50 23 Nov 10

both of you.

Batch,... yes I wasn't thinking of replacing with a SSD.... rather just getting a new one in if I buy a second hand machine.




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