Netbook Atom or Celeron

  iqs 19:12 29 Dec 08


Looking to buy a Net book,but which CPU would you recommend,it will be running XP Home.


  ambra4 19:35 29 Dec 08

Netbook showdown: The top 10 mini laptops rated

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Take a read, as there are several factors to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash.

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  realist 20:13 29 Dec 08

I have two ASUS eeepc701 celerons running XP Home - no problems and would heartily recommend. Buy the Linux versions and install XP.

Buy cheapest here:
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Get all the help you need here:
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  iqs 20:13 29 Dec 08

thank you for taking the time to help with my question ambra4,cheers

  iqs 21:23 29 Dec 08

Hi realist,

Thanks for the help,and the links.Will have a look at the faqs in the linked forum ,cheers

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