netbook & usb dvd drive

  sunnystaines 10:57 AM 01 Aug 11

got a samsung netbook windows 7 starter edition

thinking of a external dvd so wife can view dvd films, and i can backup to dvd rw.

was thinking of a samsung dvd player.

anyone recomend a usb dvd player for a netbook or got this i have linked too.

  woodchip 12:27 PM 01 Aug 11

I bought one as soon as I got my Samsung but cannot remember the make. Will have look when I go upstairs and post it. mine is a Slime type such as goes in normal Laptop but in a thin case. Was cheap from a Computer Fair at Sheffield Don Valley Stadium It does Dual layer DVDs does them all. it will work without extra power

  sunnystaines 12:47 PM 01 Aug 11

woodchip is there a problem with w7 starter playing dvd films in media player getting mixed feedback

  woodchip 13:08 PM 01 Aug 11

No Idea, cannot see why you should have problems. Other than if used on netbook for films. Its the Processing Power that may be the Problem. Its a case of try, also it may vary Netbook to Netbook

  woodchip 13:13 PM 01 Aug 11

This is the One I bought for my Netbook

Click Hear

  woodchip 13:27 PM 01 Aug 11

Copy this and Paste to you Browser Address Bar then press enter

  sunnystaines 16:22 PM 01 Aug 11

woodchip thankyou

  sunnystaines 16:35 PM 01 Aug 11

i have been told w7 starter has no dvd codecs, which is amazing why did microsoft leave them outI thought that went out with xp.

been told to get vlc or k-lite with Media Player Classic Home Cinema. would either of these two do the job any advice on them please or have i been given moody advice by sales staff.

  onthelimit1 17:18 PM 01 Aug 11

This works well (I'm told).


  woodchip 17:20 PM 01 Aug 11

You can download Codecs for nothing and there are plenty of Free Players. like Flash Player etc

  woodchip 17:22 PM 01 Aug 11

Players Click Hear


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