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  Y2K_Phil 10:40 09 Mar 03

I have set up a home network and am wanting to use a logon script through windows 2000 server and am having problem getting the Net use batch file to work. The batch file runs when I logon but the file does not do want I require. I am wanting it to run a network folder so that it sees it as a drive were all users can save work that they can all share and use

Any help would be gratefully appriciated.

  recap 10:55 09 Mar 03

Don't know whether this is of some help Y2K_Phil: click here

There are dozens of example on the Microsoft Tech site:click here

You can do a search on either 'scripts' or 'Net use batch file script'

hope that is of some help?

  AndySD 10:57 09 Mar 03

Why not just map the drive on each pc making sure ti tick reconnect at login. click here

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