.NET framework/Microsoft visual C++

  hiwatt 15 Jun 11

Morning folks!I've got 11 updates for XP this morning.2 are for.NET Framework and 2 are for microsoft visual C++?Are these updates needed?I usually install all the updates that are given but I'm not sure if I really need them or what they're really for?Should I install them?Do other people on here install them?Thanks.

  johndrew 15 Jun 11

You are likely to have both on your PC or the updates wouldn't show. Additionally other services you probably use are supported by these. They are a bit large but will provide additional security.

  muddypaws 15 Jun 11

hiwatt Let me know how you get on with the .NET one. because it wont install on my XP2 SP3. See my post. link text

  johndrew 16 Jun 11

It is far from unusual for the .NET software to become corrupt. There are a number of ways around this but often a complete removal is the only solution. For my experience link text and others link text.

One way I have found to repair the SP1 update is to go into Add/Remove find the .NET Framework list there and click on the 'Change' button; you should get the option to remove or repair, choose 'Repair' and hopefully it will resolve the problem.

  James Hull 17 Jun 11

.NET and C++ run time library updates are not mandatory - however most applications for Windows will utilise one or both (or more) of these API's. Without them they will not run - in fact they will normally prompt you to install them.

  hiwatt 17 Jun 11

@muddypaws,just to let you know that the .NET updates and the rest installed fine first time on XP SP3.Thanks folks.

  provider 2 17 Jun 11

Regarding Ms Visual C++, I don`t know much about it except that it seems to affect the opening of additional windows on a web page.

Without it, I kept getting 'side-by-side' errors in Event Viewer when a second window failed to open.

Installing Visual C++ seemed to cure the problem anyway. (XP Sp3).


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