Net Framework

  highside 13 May 11

Laptop has Win 7 64 bit as standard - as a matter of interest I ran Win 7 Upgrade Advisor to see if anything Ive added was incompatible. It reported that Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 V1.1.4322 would not work. So why have I got it whatever it is, if it came with the computer why did it if its not compatible and will not work anyway? It is indeed in Add/Remove programs taking up space? Thanks for looking.

  bluesbrother 13 May 11

Perhaps its because its an old version. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 can be downloaded from here link text

  rdave13 13 May 11

Possibly you're running an older software in 32 bit in compatibility mode and it requires that version.

  highside 14 May 11

Thanks for replies, I think you are both right - NET FW 4 is also on the machine so most likely rdave13 is correct in that theory. Annoying though that Upgrase Advisor gives details of other things it finds but for its own stuff its just a blanket meaningless statement with no clues or reasons. My first reaction was to delete NET.1.1 if it wasnt any use but that might in fact have preventing something else running?

Anyway of finding out what the offending program (if any) actually is? Would NET 1.1 have been put there automatically by a third party without Win 7 caring? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 May 11

Would NET 1.1 have been put there automatically by a third party without Win 7 caring?

No its a MS update

Some software needs .net to work. ATI drivers, I think - and a piece of software I used recently, VistaBootPRO, are a couple of examples. Normally, you're required to go and install those yourself before installing the software, but I guess it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that some software installs .net itself if it needs it. Have you installed something that might have automagivally installed .net 1.1 for itself?


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