Net connection 24/7 - should I be concerned?

  wotbus@ 08:12 16 Jun 05

I have recently moved to an ISP which provides modem/router for PC/Phone/TV. The major difference over my old ISP is that whenever I power up my PC I am automatically on the net!. OK if I wish to surf, but...I feel like I have replaced my front door with a clear glass one! I have heard of people who stay connected all day but I have also read that a personal PC is more susceptibble to intrusion attack if left connected to the net for long periods of time. As I use my PC a lot for work which does not require a net connection, should I be concerned?

  Graham ® 08:33 16 Jun 05

Internet Explorer? Tools, Internet Options, Connections. Explore your options!

  wotbus@ 08:46 16 Jun 05

Thanks Graham ®, not sure what you are getting at! There are no "connections" in IE, all blank. I don't use IE anyway but FF. Are you proposing I set a connection in the more usual manner [like my previous ISP for example]. I did try that but I just get connected to the net before I have time to launch my desktop connection icon!

  Graham ® 08:53 16 Jun 05

Not familiar with Firefox (maybe it's time I was!) but there will be some option to control when to connect to the net, even if you have to do the adjustments after you are connected. Similarly, there will be an option to disconnect once you are online.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:58 16 Jun 05

make sure your AV is updated and ensure that you have MS Antispy with the real-time protection enabled. You will be more than safe. I am connected 24/7 and I have not used a firewall for three years although you amy like to consider ANY of the free ones.

You will not get hacked on a home computer and most trojans reqwuire human intervention to start them.


  wotbus@ 09:03 16 Jun 05

Hi GANDALF <|:-)>. Good to hear from you again. That's really the answer I was after. I have both of your suggestions plus a FW so I reckon it's just a new "modus operendi" I have to become accustomed to.
Thanks also Graham ® as I think I would prefer to disconnect when necessary but perhaps time will tell.

  Graham ® 09:03 16 Jun 05

Take Firefox out of the Startup menu (msconfig, etc.).

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