Net Accelerator

  Saintsman 21:16 16 Oct 03

I suffer from a painfully slow internet connection, usually 36kbps. I am a long way from the exchange so there is no chance of broadband so can anyone reccomend a good net accelerator.

Thanks in advance, all comments appreciated.

  Pesala 23:52 16 Oct 03

There really isn't that much you can do with software to speed up the connection. I believe that ADSL is an option.

Opera can help improve the browsing experience because it caches pages better than IE, so you can read one page while loading another. Loading the pages will not be any quicker, but switching between them afterwards is much quicker.

The only other thing to do is turn off animation, turn of multimedia, and turn off graphics.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:14 17 Oct 03

Net accelerators are total cobblers. There is little that you can do to increase your speed apart from signing up to BB.


  Belatucadrus 15:11 17 Oct 03

If you've got W 95 / 98 you can tweak a few settings with stuff like click here but don't expect much. As with most accelerator programmes the claims for speed improvement are extremely optimistic. But as it's only 165k of freeware why not try it ?

  Patr100 16:02 17 Oct 03

Try an alternative Pay as You Go ISP and see if there is any difference. It can vary with ISP. As said Net accelerators are not really a help.

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