Nesting "sumif" function in Excel problem

  roger 11:34 14 Mar 03

I cannot get this combined formulae to work for me.

In column range c1:c10 each of the cells has a value of 100. The total in c11 is therefore 1000.

If I want to have the sum of only those cells in c1:c10 where the corresponding cell in a1:a10 contains the text value "s" and there are 5 with "s" the total in c11 will be 500.

The formulae =sumif(a1:a10,"s",c1:c10) works.

Also if make the formulae read =sumif(b1:b10,"1",c1:c10) this also works.

But I cannot combine them to calulate that if there are the five "s"'s in a1:a10 and only 3 "1"'s in the corresponding cells in the range b1:b10 the total in c11 is 300.

CAn anyone help please.


  VoG™ 11:40 14 Mar 03


will give the answer 5 which you can multiply by 100 to get the answer that you are after.

Not sure if this helps.

  VoG™ 11:45 14 Mar 03

Didn't read the question properly


will give 3, etc.

  cherria 12:53 14 Mar 03

I guess there may be a reason you want to do it all in one, but how about putting in d1 the formula


then simply summing column d. I think this accomplishes the end result but you may have a reason for not wanting anything in D.

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