Is Nescape slower than Opera?

  Mike 21:01 01 Nov 03

I thought I would give Netscape 7.1 a trial, as an alternative to Opera 6.06. But I am disapointed with how slow it (Netscape) is when browsing backwards, I think it's a cache issue. When using the back tab in Opera the previous page would be there instantly, presumably because not being refreshed.

Have altered the cache setting in Netscape, to only compare the page in the cache once per session.
Is there something I am missing, or is Netscape as slow as IE?

  Mike 21:47 01 Nov 03


  Mike 23:07 01 Nov 03


  The Lights Are On 00:15 02 Nov 03

Why would anyone want to change from Opera? ;-) Have you tried the latest Opera 7.21? There are many improvements over version 6.

  flecc 01:06 02 Nov 03

I use both on various different systems and any Netscape version is slower than any Opera version. My only reason for retaining Netscape on some systems is that I prefer it's integral mail arrangements.

  Mike 10:22 02 Nov 03

Thanks just wanted confirmation that there wasn't some adjustment that would speed it up.

  broggs 11:04 02 Nov 03

try mozilla firebird
click here
Fast and has most if not all of the features of opera

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