nero/incd backup help please

  david.h 18:23 05 Sep 03

i hava a early nero/incd version 5 cd which i have upgraded to the lastest version just prior to v.6.
I intend to wipe my system soon for a reload, but on going to the nero/incd web to copy the latest v5 to cd i found only v6 available, i do not need the extras of v6, is there a way of backing up incd and nero from my hdd to a cdrw so i can reload on reinstall of my reinstall

  -pops- 18:34 05 Sep 03

I would never entrust anything of value to an InCD or related packet file. Neithe would I use a CDRW disk.

There are numerous threads on here from people who have lost or had unreadable files by using either or both of these facilities.

Others may come here and disagree, it is up to you to choose, of course.

  Rtus 18:42 05 Sep 03

I have copy of Nero 5 update /s downloaded & on Cd, I always pop on Cd for later use if needed..Ill check the version Numbers ...Mail me ..Via yell env <

  leo49 18:56 05 Sep 03

The latest Nero Burning Rom update for version 5 is still available on the Nero website

click here

Funnily enough it's listed under Previous Versions.

InCd you're on your own,though

  david.h 19:27 05 Sep 03

how do i get you email to email you?

i have downloaded nero update thanks to the link provided by leo49 i just need the incd upgrade.

i have used both these programs a lot on xp nerver had any problems fully recommend them

  leo49 19:35 05 Sep 03

What version Of INCd are you using? I can find plenty of updates for Version 4 but I've a feeling you've probably got an earlier one which v4 replaced rather than upgraded.

  david.h 19:42 05 Sep 03

my version of incd is

  leo49 20:13 05 Sep 03

click here

4.0.10 at the above

Loads of hits on Google by typing "InCd"

  david.h 20:21 05 Sep 03

I tried your link for 4010 but it just takes you to nero6 system requirements.

do you know if incd ver on nero 6 will install and work work with nero 5.5

  leo49 20:28 05 Sep 03

That's what I was wondering - Nero seem to have split off as standalone products components which were bundled in with the earliest Nero 5.

Never bothered with CDRW as cdrs only cost pennies so I've never used InCd.

click here

Packet 3 at the above is unfortunately labelled Nero 6 but InCD 4. Is it the same? - your guess is as good as mine.

  david.h 21:54 05 Sep 03

i tried the incd update shown on nero 6 and incd accepted the upgrade and works ok, just got my fingers crossed its not time limited but i have a copy backed up on cd for later.

thank you for those that offered help

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