Nero7 update problems

  ACOLYTE 16:04 29 Jan 08

I am trying to update my copy of Nero7 but it keeps having problems installing,i ran the update program inside Nero and it told me there was updates it seems to download then say i have to un install nero to apply them,that's where the error starts it says that the option is only available when Nero is installed?
obviously it is otherwise it wouldn't be able to check for updates.
So i tried to do it by downloading the updates myself
all 200+Mb and i get the same thing when i run it so how do i apply updates?

  pj123 17:05 29 Jan 08

I had lots of problems with Nero 7. I took it off my PC and went back to Nero 6.

No problems since. Have updated my Nero to the latest version

  FungusBoggieman 17:10 29 Jan 08

same hear uninstalled 7 went back to nero 6 version

  ACOLYTE 17:14 29 Jan 08

Well i dont have a serial key for nero 6 only for nero7 so im not sure about going to version 6,also this version has light scribe that im kind of wanting to test out.

  Gizmo2005 17:47 29 Jan 08

Did you use Clean toools click here

Which will remove ALL Nero 7 files,uninstall nreo 7 use clean tools, install again, and the updates should work!

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