NERO7 copying and burning DVDs

  weejohn28 17:33 24 Aug 09

I am using NERO7, my computer has XPOFFICE.
I am attempting to copy a recorded DVD(which has several pieces of music (none of which are seperated into tracks), onto the computer, so that I can select portion of the DVD and then burn these selected parts to another DVD.
Can anyone help me as I am finding it extremely difficult to do.
Thanks a ton. Weejohn28

  BT 17:46 24 Aug 09

Is it a Commercial DVD?
Is it music and Video?
Do you want to copy just the music, or Music and Video?

I think you will need a Video Editing program rather than just Nero, and XP Office has no relevance.

  eedcam 18:44 24 Aug 09

If no copy write then use dvd shrink it is free whenn it has loaded the disc choose creat Hard disc folder from the options that pop up.You could even chop out the bit you want all within shrink then just convet that to wahtever you want
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