Nero vision flickering. Urgent please help

  square eyes 17:25 23 Sep 06


Ive spent many hours compiling a video for evidence with nero vision 4, ive got text in many parts. Where the videos join, there is an iritating digital flicker at the point of the joins and also where the text is inserted. I only see this when i convert to dvd, (disc or HDD). In some parts of the disc it freezes with a home dvd player which makes it unusable.

The flickering settles down if there are no joins or text for a while.

If i "export" any from the project and turn into dvd files it wont burn as there is double the amount of flicker.

Nero hotline is advertized 12-5 on SAT, this is not the case :(

Its really urgent as there are a few people waiting for this disc and i reckon its a problem happened to many.

Thanks very much for any advice, i also close down firewall and antivirus while i edit.

  square eyes 19:03 23 Sep 06


  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:51 23 Sep 06

How are you putting the text in? There ia a static text option from the in & out menu that puts the text in the text timeline.

  De Marcus™ 21:02 23 Sep 06

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