moby58 09:11 07 Jul 03

hi...ive recently purchased a DVD player which plays all plays "DATA" that i've burned on nero[downloaded movie clips etc]....but i thought i would try to burn a "VCD" [on nero]...tried about 70 minutes of clips,but it stuck on 80% while burning,and stayed there for hours{i'd gone out,came back expecting it to be finished] whats "data" on nero and whats "vcd" on nero?and why didnt it burn ?thanks very much for any replies!i'm quite happy to play "data" on the dvd player as it plays fine,but wondered what the difference was.

  -pops- 09:14 07 Jul 03

click here and scroll down the page to the Nero Manual. See what you can find in there.


  moby58 09:32 07 Jul 03

ive got the nero manual,but find it "heavy "reading...just wondered if someone could explain it in plain english.not "nero speak"!

  Giant68 11:11 07 Jul 03

I think that the data you would be playing would be either .avi, divx etc whereas vcd converts the file to a format that would be playable on a stand alone dvd player. Nero automatically adds a few files to the cd to enable it to play on other machines. Divx and avi will just be associated with the relevant software on your PC, WMP, Realplayer etc.
If you are trying to burn a vcd from avi or divx it will have to be converted to mpeg1. I always use tmpgenc to encode to mpeg then burn as vcd with Nero.
I may be wrong, if I am I hope that someone here will correct me.


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