Nero VCD slide show

  olyman 13:28 18 Jul 03

I recently upgraded to Nero Express and tried compiling a slide show on VCD (Peg). This seemed to burn OK but won?t play on CDROM or CD-RW drives. Exploring the CD I find 5 folders: CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT and VCD. The EXT and VCD folders contain Pinnacle Express files which is installed on my PC but not used. I had previously tried burning a VCD with P Express but gave up as the display was too small.
Why is Nero using P Express and can I rescue my data which took ages to compile?

I have Windows XP which can produce a slide show as can the Cannon software which came with my camera but want to be able to save to disk to play on a W98 PC.
I do have a copy of MS Office 2000 and could install Power Shot (?) but would like to stick with Nero which has worked well in the past on ordinary data back-up.

  olyman 13:31 18 Jul 03

For (Peg) read (JPEG)

  graham√ 13:38 18 Jul 03

IrfanView does a good slideshow which will play on W95, so 98 should be OK. click here

  olyman 14:19 18 Jul 03

I have just done a search for "slide show" and found IrfanView as you recommended. I will download this later.
I hope it doesn't get nobbled by Pinnacle Express also - perhaps I should uninstall the Pinnacle programs.

  y_not 14:27 18 Jul 03

The format that you have encoded to is ideal for playback on your stand-alone DVD player (subject to your DVD supporting this format). Nice option to sitting at the PC to view your show!

As for PowerPoint (MS Office 2000) this is not generally accepted as a viewer - more for pproducing presentations

  Chegs ® 17:09 18 Jul 03

I had Pinnacle Studio 7 installed(Canon camera/NERO burning,etc)and I simply couldn't get NERO to recognise the footage editted in Pinnacle.I uninstalled it and now use MovieXOne(free,if ever the site is working!)to edit video's.Dunno if this is any use but Aist is here click here and its still not working.

  olyman 19:27 18 Jul 03

Thanks but I can only play DVD on my Pc. It is time I got a DVD player.

  olyman 19:32 18 Jul 03

It seems that there is some incompatibility. I don't use Pinnacle so I think I'll uninstall it and see if Nero works. I'm puzzled why Nero involved Pinnacle in the first place.

  olyman 13:38 03 Dec 04

It's time I closed this topic.
For the record I use IrfanView as suggested by Graham and find it very good and FREE.

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