Nero updates

  bamfiesler 09:53 24 Sep 03

Just done a clean install of XP on a new hdd, and also of Nero 5.5 I want to upgrade to the latest version, but am not sure WHERE in the Ahead folder to save the file. Do I save it in 'Nero' istelf, as this asks if I want to over-write the file? Or what?

The reason I ask is that at an earlier upgrade, I somehow ended up with what appears to be two versions of Nero in my 'Add/remove programs' box.

All help appreciated in advance.

  MAJ 09:57 24 Sep 03

If you want to UPDATE 5.5, just download the latest update (about 13 MBs) and double click the file, it will install itself, you have nothing to do, bamfiesler. If you want to UPGRADE to Nero 6, you have to buy it, it wont upgrade from 5.5.

  leo49 10:01 24 Sep 03

You can save the downloaded update anywhere you like for future use but to install it run the exe and choose the 'update' option.

  MAJ 10:06 24 Sep 03

The latest 5.5 update, nero551050.exe, can be downloaded from click here

  bamfiesler 10:11 24 Sep 03

Ok, thanx, guys.

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