nero problem again disc space on cd

  chrisjohn 18:45 29 Sep 07

ok when burnin i am using 120 min disc,but nero says 80 min in window,so i cant burn a lot of films due to this it says not enough disc space

  jimv7 18:57 29 Sep 07

Have you enabled overburning from within nero options.

  chrisjohn 19:23 29 Sep 07

sorry no how do i do that

  jimv7 19:33 29 Sep 07

File/options/expert features, tick the box to enable overburning, this is from nero 7, 6 might be slightly different.

If that fails, have you the most up to date version.

  chrisjohn 19:44 29 Sep 07

yes iv done that using nero 7 but it still wont let me burn i have 120min disc but it says in nero 80 min

  chrisjohn 19:46 29 Sep 07

do i need any plugins ect ,thanx for help upto now

  chrisjohn 19:56 29 Sep 07

yes that was it not set to dvd many thanx,is their any plugins i may need ?

  chrisjohn 20:00 29 Sep 07

the file im tryin to burn to disc is a avi file,but nero cant encode it

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